Winning on Amazon made clearer

Bi-Wheel reinvents how brands interpret data, unlock profit, and inspire their teams to act.


Beamly’s Bi-Wheel was born out of a common problem statement; ecommerce is complex and dynamic. Being 100% owned by Coty, a $9 billion dollar global CPG, the team saw a clear need in simplifying not just ecommerce data but ecommerce decision making for major brands.

Our tool creates value for brands through granular – ASIN level – detail across six key business levers to solve your biggest challenges and scale your largest opportunities on Amazon.




Do I have the right assortment (brand, format) to win in the channel? What ASINS/ SKUs are the most profitable to push?


Is my product page helping me convert my customers? How well is my product perceived by consumers?

Supply Chain

Can I service the demand? What is my actual out of stock percentage?

Search & Visibility

How do I increase my product visibility through organic search? How do I target the right audience though paid search?


Am I pricing competitvely? What % of the time am I winning the buy box? What is the price differential vs. third parties?


How can I optimize my promotional effectiveness? What is the combination of promotions that I should and when?


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